Every couple of years, a group of people hold a gathering in Duncan, B.C. but everyone there has one thing in common, they are current or former Moose Jaw residents. 

The “Duncan Summit” as it's become known began in 2015 when friends Don Dickinson, Garry Brown and Gord McCaw decided to meet up. Dickinson was living in Victoria, Brown was in Ladysmith and Gord lived in Vancouver so they decided to meet in Duncan because it was roughly a mid-island point among the Vancouver Islands. 

The “summit” now takes place every two years and anyone in the area who is from Moose Jaw is welcome to attend. Spouses and significant others are welcome. Even if they aren’t from Moose Jaw, a “stirring ceremony” will make them honourary Moose Javians. 

McCaw emphasized that the gathering is very informal. 

“There is no real structure. There is a lot of talk about the usual Moose Jaw haunts like reminisces about Temple Gardens, Crescent Park, etcetera,” he said. 

The meeting of former Moose Javians in B.C., however, isn’t a new concept. Moose Jaw Days in Victoria in the 1970s and 80s used to attract hundreds of current and former residents. McCaw said part of the concept of the Duncan Summit is to try and recapture the spirit of Moose Jaw Days. 

The group usually meets at the Duncan Garage Café and Bakery. During the 2021 summit, the numbers outgrew the cafe and the gathering moved to nearby Centennial Park with about 15 people attending. 

“There was about maybe six or seven of us on the first one and it's gradually increased in number every time,” McCaw said. 

The fifth biannual summit takes place on Saturday, June 17 and McCaw welcomes anyone from Moose Jaw who happens to be in the area at the time to attend. He said he’ll continue to post updates about the gathering on the Moose Jaw Dayz Facebook page. 

Below are photos from the Summit over the years courtesy of Gord McCaw: