Family, friends and colleagues - they were all there to say goodbye to Gerald Carlyle King on Friday afternoon at Zion United Church.  The retired Provincial Court Judge was remembered as a loving family man, a pillar of the community and as the local judge who delivered tough love with tough talk and stiff penalties.

There were some specially selected photos of Jerry surrounding the cinerary urn and a mantle-sized banner that reads, "Everybody is entitled to MY opinion."

And, among the stories told in the eulogy, one of a local man who pleaded guilty one day in Judge King's court.  

When the Judge asked the man if he had anything to say before the decision was handed down, the man said, "I'm willing to pay double the fine if you spare me the lecture."

Judge King proceeded to berate the man like he'd never done before.  Legend has it he spent about twice the time he normally would to verbally punish the lawbreaker.  And, in the end, he doubled the fine.

Rest in peace, Jerry.  You were one of a kind.