The Friendly City Optimist Club of Moose Jaw took advantage of the nicer weather on Monday and put up their annual Greeting Card Lane along Langdon Crescent. 

In all, 19 greetings were installed by nine volunteers yesterday, with the poles for the cards having been put in a week prior. They will return with wire at a later date to make sure the cards aren’t blown away in any strong winds. 

While Greeting Card Lane was originally created by the Lions Club in 1960, several organizations have taken charge of the tradition over its 60-plus-year history, with the Friendly City Optimist Club taking it on in 2015.  

Local businesses sponsor the greetings for $250 per card, and funds raised go towards activities for children in Moose Jaw. "Each card is sponsored, and so it’s a fundraiser for us. We raise a little over $4,000 every year on that, and that money, of course, goes back to our club. Our mission is to bring out the best in children – that's the Optimist Club focus,” said Ron Rollie, spokesperson with the Friendly City Optimist Club of Moose Jaw. 

Rollie recommends you take a drive and check out the cards. “A lot of people drive by. If you drive by at night, it's beautiful - they're all lit up with LED lights, you know, spotlights. It's just a nice tradition, and it dresses up downtown Moose Jaw along Langdon Crescent.” 

The cards will stay up until sometime in mid-January, weather permitting.  

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