With over 400 people people in attendance the UnCoolas Hit Revue took the stage at the Mae Wilson Theatre last night for the "Have a Heart" benefit concert in support of the 800 CHAB family first radiothon. The Mae Wilson Theatre was alive last night with the sounds of the UnCoolas Hit Revue.

Over 400 people showed up to see the UnCoolas who were performing in support of the 800 CHAB family first radiothon

During the concert, the Moose Jaw Health Foundation announced they had reached their goal of raising 1.3 million dollars and over $325,000 of that was raised during last year's radiothon at the Town 'N Country Mall.

Executive Director of the Health Foundation Kelly McElree, "This community continuously amazes me, the generosity of people, people just came forward and said Kelly what can we do and just like tonight, the UnCoolas came forward and when you have that type of generosity they truly epitomize the spirit of this community and there is nothing that we can't accomplish when we set our minds to it."

McElree tells us when the renovation to the hospital will be completed, "In my opinion we can't see it soon enough.  But we're going to have some construction starting over the summer months and then probably in the late fall we'll have a brand spanking new ICU for the Moose Jaw Union Hospital."

This year's radiothon goal is $200,000 with the proceeds going towards new equipment to help the fight against colorectal cancer... The 3rd annual 800 CHAB family first radiothon will be May 7-8.