On Tuesday, 115 students from 14 high schools in southern Saskatchewan came together at Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Moose Jaw campus to compete in a sport management case competition. 

The event was hosted by the Business diploma program at the polytechnic, along with the Moose Jaw Warriors.  

“Students came, they had one hour and 45 minutes to read a one-page case scenario based on business operations of the Moose Jaw Warriors, put together an idea, and put together a presentation,” said Stephen Kirzinger, a program head for the business diploma sport management specialty at Saskatchewan Polytechnic’s Moose Jaw Campus.  

“The scenario identifies a specific group of people that the Warriors would like to get out to more games and purchase more tickets, so the students have been putting together innovative ideas to do that,” Kirzinger added.  

Students presented their ideas in front of a panel of judges. A total of 30 teams participated, with presentations taking place between two rooms. The three best ideas from either room won prizes for their participation. 

The two 3rd place teams won Saskatchewan Polytechnic merchandise, the two 2nd place teams won Moose Jaw Warrior merchandise and a $500 scholarship for each team member for the business diploma program in Moose Jaw, and all members of the two 1st place teams won a semester of tuition to the business diploma program in Moose Jaw valued at $2300.


1st Place Winners – Campbell and Lumsden teams 

1st place Campbell Team1st Place Campbell Team
1st Place Lumsden Team1st Place Lumsden Team


2nd Place Winners – Langenberg and Swift Current teams 

2nd Place Langenberg Team2nd Place Langenberg Team
2nd Place Swift Current Team2nd Place Swift Current Team


3rd place Winners – Davidson and Swift Current teams 

3rd Place Davidson Team3rd Place Davidson Team


3rd Place Swift Current Team3rd Place Swift Current Team


This is the first year that Saskatchewan Polytechnic has held this event in Moose Jaw.  


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