The Moose Jaw Exhibition Grounds saw much activity over the weekend, hosting both the Hometown Fair and the Moose Jaw Inter 4-H Beef Steer Sale. 

52 4-H members from four local clubs competed for best groomer, best showman as well as in the champion female and champion steer categories during the event, bringing a total of 33 steers, 30 heifers and two cow-calf pairs to the show.  

The sale portion of the event went well for its participants—which, through their hard work, brought the average weight of the steer brought to auction between 1200 and 1500 pounds— with all 33 head entered being sold off for a reported $4.62 per pound. 

The Grand Champion Market Steer was submitted by Addison Barnett of the Old Wives 4-H Beef Club, with the Reserve Champion Market Steer being awarded to Alexis Cockburn—also of the Old Wives 4-H Beef Club. 

Matthew Howe of the Moose Jaw 4-H Beef Club took home the title for Grand Champion Female, with the Reserve Grand Champion Female being entered by Brody Barnett of the Old Wives 4-H Beef Club. 

“Overall, I think all the clubs had good representation of members and animals that excelled,” said Megan Goifu, President of the Moose Jaw Inter 4-H Committee for the Beef Steer Sale.  

Goifu noted that the turnout for the event was a little higher than in years prior and encourages those who are interested to consider joining a 4-H club. 

“4-H is so much more than just beef,” said Goifu. “There are lots of clubs in the area that have other projects like sheep, clover bud crafts, woodworking, trapping and hunting, and light horse. You name it, it can be a 4-H project.” 

She notes that with such a wide variety of activities on offer finding the right club is simple. 

“Just simply reach out to a local club to get more information, any one of us is glad to help you,” she said. “If a club isn’t necessarily the right fit, they’ll point you to a club that would be.”