The Friends of the Forces Fellowship Highway to Heroes Car Show will still take place on Saturday at the Moose Jaw Exhibition Grounds, but precautions are being taken due to the extreme heat expected in Moose Jaw. 

Roy LaBuick, chairman of the car show and president of the Friends of the Forces Fellowship, says car show exhibitors and visitors will have full access to air-conditioned buildings on the exhibition grounds. 

“With temperatures expected in the plus-35 degree Celsius range, we want everyone involved with the show to be aware of the weather advisory and steps being taken to keep everyone safe,” LaBuick said. 

St. John Ambulance and Medavie Health Services will also be on-site throughout the day to provide any assistance. 

There is expected to be an ample supply of water through the food vendors and volunteers will be checked on regularly to make sure they are staying hydrated. 

Organizers will have a supply of sunscreen on hand and participants are encouraged to wear hats for extra protection.