Holy Trinity Catholic School Division (HTCSD) has a new Local Implementation and Negotiation Committee (LINC) agreement in place with the Holy Trinity Teachers' Association (HTTA).

The current LINC agreement expired on July 31, 2022. 

"We met on April 24, both our division office staff and our teacher bargaining team and we negotiated our LINC agreement," recalled HTCSD Director of Education Ward Strueby. "Teachers in the province, they negotiate provincially for things like salary and then they negotiate locally for things like substitute teachers pay, leaves of absence or prep times. We were able to complete our negotiations in a day and sign a five-year agreement. It was tentative. Since that point, our teachers did vote and 96 per cent ratified it and our board passed the motion to approve the agreement as well."

The LINC agreement, which runs from August 1, 2022 through to August 31, 2027, was ratified on May 15.

"I think it just goes to show that the relationship we have between management and our schools in our division," continued Strueby. "Holy Trinity is a small school division, so we get to really know our staff and they really get to know management. It just really shows that great working relationship we have and we all know that if teachers are happy, division office staff are happy, that means our kids are going to be happy in classrooms as well."

The agreement includes a Truth and Reconciliation leave, where teachers can have up to one day off to attend indigenous spiritual, cultural or ceremonial events.

LINC Includes:

Professional Advancement and Learning
Substitute Teachers’ Salary
Pay Period For Teachers
Leaves of Absence
- Compassionate leave
- Maternity leave
- Pressing Personal
- Graduation, Weddings, Convocation
- Pressing Personal
- Community Leadership
- Leave Without Pay
Special Allowances
Noon Hour Supervision
Supervision Earned Days Off
Extracurricular Activities
Grievance Procedure
Term of the Agreement