Holy Trinity Catholic School Division will be receiving a funding increase from the province for the current school year.

The division's enrolment increased by 2.95 per cent, resulting in additional funding of $474,874 or 1.9 per cent, as compared to the preliminary funding estimate of $24,606,423.

"It's huge in terms of where we're at budget-wise," said Director of Education and CEO Ward Strueby. "If we weren't going to get that funding, we would have gone over budget this year. Because of the population increase, we did have to support additional teachers and educational assistants. This will help make sure that we stay on budget."

Strueby says a proposed budget revision, reflecting the additional funding and other adjustments, will be brought forward to the board for their review and approval at either the January or February 2023 meeting.

September 30 data showed an enrollment of 2,345 students, up 93 from the previous year. Holy Trinity’s increase of 2.95 per cent is the eighth-highest increase in the province.

School divisions received their updated 2022-23 funding documentation on Dec. 9. The province had announced an additional $15.5 million in operating funding for the 2022-23 school year as a result of the significant enrollment increase across Saskatchewan.