The final long weekend of summer is upon us, and the overarching trend of summer will continue this weekend as hot temperatures and a smoky sky are expected. 

“It’s a pretty fair-weather weekend coming up for Moose Jaw and southern Saskatchewan,” said operational meteorologist Kyle McAulay with Environment and Climate Change Canada. 

A special air quality statement remains in place as smoke from forest fires burning in northern Alberta will continue to blanket the area today but should start improving slowly tomorrow. 

“The smoke situation should start improving by later in the day Saturday and by Monday should be back to normal,” says McAulay 

“It’s going to be pretty warm, above normal temperatures, looking at a high around 34°C for tomorrow, 29°C for Sunday and on Monday, cooling down a little bit, looking at normal temperatures of 22°C,” added McAulay noting there is no rain in the forecast currently but that could change. 

Saturday will get close to record-breaking territory with the forecast high of 34°C. The hot temperature record for September 2 is 34.7°C, which was set in 1987. 

The four-week forecast for Moose Jaw continues to indicate that temperatures will continue to remain above normal for this time of year.

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