A hot and humid week is in store for Moose Jaw and southern Saskatchewan with the mercury reaching the high 20s and low 30s for much of the week. 

While a heat warning hasn’t been issued for Moose Jaw, Environment, and Climate Change Canada Meteorologist Natalie Hassel says we should treat the next couple of days like a heat warning has been issued. 

"Looking at the Moose Jaw area right now, our forecast suggests that you are just on the edge of our thresholds for heat warnings,” said Hassel. 

"Heat Warning criteria for your area is 32°C or more with temperatures falling to 16°C at the most overnight, or if we're looking at humidex values, humidex is 38°C during the day and temperatures falling to 16°C overnight for at least two days in a row,” added Hassel. 

The forecast high for Moose Jaw today (Monday) is 31°C with an overnight low of 19°C. Tomorrow’s daytime high is forecasted to be 31°C with sunny skies and temperatures in the high 20s for the remainder of the week. 

With the hot, humid, and sunny weather expected for the rest of the week, Hassel says to be vigilant for signs of heat stroke or heat exhaustion. 

“Be on the lookout for symptoms of heat illness, which includes headache, nausea, vomiting, dizziness or fainting, rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, extreme thirst, and decreased urine,” says Hassel. 

“Changes in children's behavior, so you know if you've got a pretty active kid who is suddenly looking very sleepy or a kid who's suddenly having a temper tantrum for really no obvious reason. Those could be because of the heat,” noted Hassel. 

Below are some tips for dealing with the hot, humid weather 

  • drink plenty of water, even before you feel thirsty 

  • stay in a cool place 

  • check on older family, friends, and neighbours 

  • never leave people or pets inside a parked vehicle 

  • take regularly-scheduled breaks in a cool place if you’re working outdoors