Flirting with Fido, a private non-profit organization that focuses on dog rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming here in Moose Jaw, has recently taken in a very unique little puppy named Huck.

Huck the pup (Photos courtesy of Flirting with Fido)

Huck was found crying in the cold in northern Saskatchewan and was sent to Moose Jaw by a 'frontline rescuer' who helps dogs and sends them to rescue groups. According to the founder and one of the directors at Flirting with Fido, Tara Richmond, Huck was found in pretty rough shape.

"They don't know how long he was outside but he was obviously very cold. He has a little bit of frostbite on his ears and on his tail, and he also has rickets which is caused by a vitamin D deficiency. He hadn't been eating a proper diet at all which caused problems for his joints and bones."

Richmond says rickets can thankfully be treated, and that Huck has already been receiving vitamins and minerals to help, and has been switched to a fish-based diet.

She says he's got about three months of rehabilitation ahead of him, and that he will be receiving some treatment at the Moose Jaw Animal Clinic in the coming days.

"He's going to require some significant treatment. We're going to have to change his diet but we're also going to be looking into whether he needs to have wraps on his legs, and different

treatments moving forward. There's a lot of consistency with dogs that rehab in water as well, so we may be looking at facilities in Regina that we would be transferring him back and forth from. Once he is stable, we will get him all of his shots, we'll get him neutered, and we'll get him in a good place to find his forever family."

While going through rehab, Huck will be staying with a foster family in Regina. Richmond says it's ideal for a dog with rickets to try and take it easy on their legs by not being too active, but that Huck has been so happy and full of energy since being taken in, it's tough to keep him still.

Once he is finished with rehab, the pup will be ready to find his forever home.

Richmond says there is a history of animals with rickets making a full recovery after rehabilitation, but they will need help funding it all.

If you would like to help Huck or other dogs by donating toward Flirting with Fido, you can do so by visiting their Facebook page here.