The Moose Jaw Humane Society is looking for foster families to temporarily take in animals.  

Animals can be placed in a foster home for a number of reasons including their age or if they have medical or behavioral issues. Foster families would have the animals anywhere from a few weeks to several months.  

“It's really recommended that no puppies or kittens are in a shelter environment until they are eight weeks old and then they can be vaccinated, and they will start to develop their own immunity and be able to be in the shelter setting,” said Moose Jaw Humane Society Executive Director Dana Haukaas.  

Foster families are particularly needed during kitten season or to take in dogs that don’t get along with other animals.  

“We are just starting kitten season, so we're going to need families that are willing to take in a pregnant mama, a mama cat with her kittens or orphaned kittens. Those ones are a little trickier. You have to bottle feed them and help them go to the bathroom, but those are going to be our biggest need,” Haukaas said.  

If a foster family does take in a dog with behavior issues, the humane society will set them up with a certified dog trainer.  

Otherwise, the humane society will provide foster families with food, toys, litter and bedding as well as any other supplies for the animal.  

You can learn more about becoming a foster family on the Moose Jaw Humane Society’s website under “Program and Services” or by calling the shelter.