Although Moose Jaw is "Canada's Most Notorious City,’ it still remains quite friendly. 

Close to the beginning of November, seven-year-old Casper Wilderman decided to start wearing a moustache in support of Movember.  

“This one day, close to the start of November, I decided I wanted to wear a moustache to school, and my dad [told me about] this thing called ‘Movember.’ We started out by drawing moustaches on me, and then we got a moustache kit with fake moustaches.” 

Movember is an annual event that raises awareness of men's health issues, such as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, and suicide, during the month of November.  

“There’s really no reason, I kind of just decided to [do it]. I just wanted to wear a moustache,” the young man explained. 

So far, Casper has raised about $330 from his friends and family. 

“At first [my mom] said, ‘when you reach $500, we’ll post you to the news,’ but I got her to do it at $300.” 

Casper's mother, Terynda Wilderman, explained more about the impact of Movember to her family and Casper. 

“He’s been working so hard... It’s health in general for men, and we are overrun by men in our family, they outnumber us! Just being able to provide for that community is huge for us... [Casper] gets so excited every time he gets a donation, he’s been keeping tallies of who's donated and how much. It’s fun for him.” 

Casper's friends are also thrilled for him, and he plans to grow a real moustache when he’s older. 

“I have some [moustaches] that are kind of like handlebars, and they’re peach,” says Casper. “And then I have a bunch of black moustaches, and a black swirly one, and I also have peach ones that are two pieces that you stick on, like a French moustache kind of, and I also have white too... I’m going to wear them all month.” 

Donations for men's health can be made to Casper here