Gas prices have risen across Canada and we're seeing it in Saskatchewan, including here in Moose Jaw.

The gas prices around town rapidly rose on Wednesday.

The lowest price is sitting at 136.9 at Esso on 9th Ave and the highest price seen so far is at 143.9 at Petro-Canada and Circle K also on 9th Ave.

The average gas price in Moose Jaw is 138.9.

Gas prices this high haven't been seen in nearly 13 years.

The major increase in prices is due to the swelling of oil prices that have occurred over the last 2 weeks due to increasing demand and a lower supply.

Due to the rebound from the pandemic, the price of oil has been at it's highest rate within the last seven years.

It's not just gas prices that are skyrocketing either, natural gas has become a commodity since the shortage of coal in China and the shortage of natural gas resources in Europe.

Saskatchewan (along with the rest of Canada) is also seeing a rise in food costs such as dairy and meat products.

Multiple factors are causing this increase.

The pandemic is disrupting usual trading patterns and relationships with trading partners affecting things like packaging processes.

Weather conditions also play into effect.

The drought in the prairies are leaving farmers with less produce causing higher meat prices by almost 30%.

Also, the California wildfires are also creating an issue on where certain produce can come from.