Russia’s war on Ukraine has exceeded the month-long mark and people continue to see the devastating effects. Locals are also feeling the effects right here at home.  

Moose Jaw is known for its diverse community and much of its diversity comes from Ukrainian immigrants that have helped build this community and have settled here over the years.  

In support of them and their families that are still in Ukraine, a local high school teacher has been planning a support rally to raise donations for the Redcross to support humanitarian efforts that are on the ground in Ukraine.  

Ray Rawlyk is a history teacher at Central Collegiate, a local musician, and a member of SCRAPS. He was inspired to plan an event that would bring people together for support.  

“It came out of anger, frustration, sadness, and most of all probably a sense of helplessness... We’re seeing on T.V. all these horrible things and there’s just a need to do something... It’s a chance for everyone to come out physically together hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder as a sign of support for Ukraine,” says Rawlyk.  

He also mentioned that if he was feeling helpless and upset about what he’s been seeing in Ukraine on the T.V. he couldn’t imagine how Ukrainian locals must be feeling.  

He says that the rally is to show support for the people in Ukraine and to raise money for humanitarian efforts there but the rally is also to show support for the local Ukrainian people that live here in Moose Jaw. As well as a welcoming event for future immigrants that are planning to come to the city.  

“The war really isn’t something that’s way over there. It’s something that’s right here and it hits home. It really is a part of Moose Jaw,” says Rawlyk.  

The rally is being held on April 10th at 1 pm at the Crescent Park Amphitheater.  

There will be several Ukrainian speakers who are locals in Moose Jaw. They’ll share stories of their experiences with what’s been happening.  

There will also be a Ukrainian dance group from Regina performing traditional Ukrainian dances, as well as merchants selling Ukrainian goods.

The vendors will have boxes at their booths to collect donations.  

SCRAPS will also have a booth at the rally to collect donations for PETA. Those donations will go towards helping animals in Ukraine.  

Devon's Dogs will be operating a food cart, with 100% of the proceeds going to the Red Cross's fundraising effort.

Rawlyk says he's still seeking event sponsors and volunteers.

Businesses and individuals interested in sponsoring the event are invited to contribute $200 to assist with the costs of security, the dance group, and give honorariums.  

Volunteers are needed for the teardown and clean-up and food catering.  

Anyone interested in becoming a sponsor or volunteer can contact Rawlyk by texting 306-630-5525. He says that he’s teaching during the day but he will respond to any text messages as soon as he can.