CAA is advising residents that it's time to winterize their ride.

Christine Niemczyk, director of communications with CAA Saskatchewan, details some of the items on your vehicle's winter safety checklist.

"Keep checking your tire pressure throughout the season just to make sure it's the right pressure for traction and fuel efficiency. The battery we know that's a vehicle's lifeline and extreme weather can weaken the battery so check it often and have it changed if necessary. The block heater and cords are just as important. You want to make sure the cord is not frayed, that it is in good working condition when the temperature falls below -15c it's a good time to plug in the vehicle."

Niemczyk says it's important to change your driving habits with the season.

"So knowing when you have ice and snow on the roads we want to make sure we allow extra time to reach our destination and be prepared to reduce our speed and as we say at CAA, drive according to current weather and road conditions. If you are traveling on the highway it's very important to slow to 60 km/h for working tow trucks, first responders, and our highway construction workers as well."

In addition, you should make sure to prepare and pack a roadside safety kit to keep in your vehicle.