Recently announced was the local John Howard Society Of Saskatchewan offering a free walk-in clinic for the public.

Whether you're looking for support finding a job, suitable housing, budgeting, or you just want to drop by to warm up with some coffee and good conversation, the JHSS walk-in clinic is meant for everyone.

Blair Roberts is the communication and Administration Officer for the JHSS and describes why it's an important program to offer.

"Whether it's people dealing with homelessness or poverty or those kinds of issues where they are wandering the streets maybe looking for a place to go. Maybe it's someone who's just left prison and is reintegrating into society and just needs someone to give them direction or support. We're really excited to get rolling and I think it's going to be a valuable resource for the people of Moose Jaw."

But it isn't just meant for struggling citizens in search of support, everyone is welcome to drop in and warm up in the cold weather.

"Absolutely anybody. If anybody feels like they need support or even just wants to visit, maybe learn more about John Howard, we would love to have anyone come in and ask any questions they want or just have a cup of coffee and get to know the staff. The staff up there are excellent, really friendly and always looking to engage with the community. So anybody can come whether it's for supports or just for a chance to talk about some of the needs of the community."

The clinic is open Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm.