As you might expect, the City of Moose Jaw is being ridiculed on social media over what many perceive to be a poor job of clearing our streets of the 35 centimetres of snow we've received.

As a society I think most of us become impatient faster than ever before.  We're used to getting immediate action.  Modern technology is doing this to us.  Siri and Google have all the answers for us these days, but they don't plow the snow.

If you're out and about today you'll see some progress.  I'll bet those heavy equipment operators are doing the best they can.

Some are getting a little carried away with their criticism on social media but one local woman brings something up that bothers me as well.  She says, "Wish city graders had some courtesy for properties that clean their sidewalk and city graders come along and push snow onto the sidewalk again...."

When that happens and, it does, life becomes difficult and dangerous for the pedestrian and I ask, is the pedestrian not just as important if not more important than the motorist?

Do they have AM radios in those snow plows?  Maybe they're listening?  I hope they are.