As part of LGBTQ+ Pride Week, the Moose Jaw Public Library is hosting a zine workshop on Saturday. 

The workshop takes place in the south meeting room at the library. It is open to those ages 13 and older. It gives participants the opportunity to create their own zine and learn about its history and how they were used for LGBTQ+ and other activist movements. 

“It can be a way to get information out. It can be a way to share all kinds of information. So, lots of people have done it in music circles and that kind of thing. But then it's also been used for social justice and activism and so, we're hosting it for that. People can come out and learn a little bit about it, but also just make one and have fun and hang out,” said assistant head librarian Shevaun Ruby. 

Participants will also learn about the general history of zines, which are independently published, low-cost magazines. 

“They came out, I think originally in the 30s as sci-fi fantasy fan magazines. So people would make them and then they were really big in the punk movement as well, the DIY movement, all the 90s kind of music scenes, and it's just a little handmade magazine. People would sell them for, like, 10 cents at punk shows and that kind of thing,” Ruby said. 

Participants will also have the option of adding their zines to the library’s collection. 

Additionally, there will be a button-making station as well as an eraser-stamp carving station. 

The program is a come-and-go event that runs all day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. All supplies will be provided by the library free of charge. You can find more information on the Moose Jaw Public Library's website.