For almost 100 years people in the City of Moose Jaw have gone to the same building in search of entertainment, travel, romance, adventure, information and all without leaving the city limits.

The Moose Jaw Public Library is on the brink of its 100th anniversary and Head Librarian Karen Selzer is hoping to plan something big. Construction of the library started in 1912 and the facility welcomed its first guests on August 15th, 1913.

Selzer says since then the building has served Moose Jaw well. "It's a wonderful looking building and has certainly stood the test of time. If you grew up in Moose Jaw then you certainly remember the building and the glass floored area and that sort of thing."

The library has organized a committee to plan the 100th anniversary celebrations and she hopes to have a whole week of events planned for next year like special edition bookmarks or other souvenirs.  Of course, she wants a major celebration for August 15th, the actual first day the library was open.