What was once a dream film project is now a reality for local film producer and director Jeremy Ratzlaff, owner of Lampblack Studios.  

He is bringing together a large Saskatchewan-based crew and cast to shoot his independent film this week entitled FEAR & TREMBLING from Sep. 15-19, at the Moose Jaw Cultural Centre, home of the Mae Wilson Theatre.  

“It was really important to me to create a first-class on-set experience for the Saskatchewan film community; one that is memorable and supports bringing us all together creatively,” said Ratzlaff.  

FEAR & TREMBLING will be an ambitious technical feat shot on the RED Monstro 8K camera to capture some very complex cinematic scenes in incredible detail and colour.

“Crews are hungry for this type of production as it pushes the envelope both creatively and technically,' added Ratzlaff.  

The entire cast is from Saskatchewan, and he wants to give individuals in the local community a chance to be a part of the production too.  

“He (Ratzlaff) is calling for up to 100 extras to help with a large scene on Sunday. Anyone interested in participating can email extras@lampblackstudios.ca for details,” said Executive Producer, Shelly-Anne Mckay.  

Ratzlaff has received production support from the entire crew, Roman Empire Studios and TandemX Visuals in Regina, as well as the Saskatchewan Filmpool Cooperative. He is honoured to have such talent come together to make part one of this trilogy, with a controversial religious backstory that has undertones of how sin is often covered up in the church community.  

Ratzlaff hopes that his film opens the door for conversations that might not otherwise happen.