A number of times this summer residents have had to deal with the harsh realities of their underground service lines like water, and sewer bursting causing significant damage. 

For those that are looking to buy a house or are unaware, there is service line insurance available to protect you in the event it does happen.  

“It covers costs associated with repairs to underground pipes, wiring from the street to your house when damage does occur on your property,” says Greg Marcyniuk, Agency Owner of Heritage Insurance. “An example, if tree roots come through and invade your PVC or cast piping and it snaps and breaks, it provides coverage for you to get this actually fixed.” 

He notes that the insurance will cover up to a maximum of $10,000 worth of damage with a $1,000 deductible.  The coverage is only for lines from the exterior of your house connecting to the city lines, not service lines within your house.   

Marcyniuk adds that he is finding with the City of Moose Jaw repairing or replacing a number of service lines across the city, that many people he’s spoken with have discovered damage or bursting of their underground lines.  

“It just makes it a lot less expensive to have this coverage in place, as well it does cover any other drainage lines, any compressed air lines, communication lines, power, and electrical lines.” 

He as well as other agents at Heritage Insurance have seen an influx of people using the coverage or inquiring about it, as the city continues to make upgrades to service lines across the city.