Moose Jaw’s MLAs will have a full agenda as the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly began its spring sitting this week. 

A number of pieces of legislation are expected to be passed including the Saskatchewan First Act to confirm the province’s autonomy and jurisdiction over natural resources. 

Meanwhile, the province is expected to announce its 2023-2024 budget. Moose Jaw Wakamow MLA Greg Lawrence said there is a lot to look forward to this session. 

“(We’re) continuing on with what we pointed out in the Speech From the Throne, which is legislation like Saskatchewan First Act, but I'm more looking forward to budget day, which I'm sure is going to make the majority of people in Saskatchewan happy,” Lawrence said. 

A hot topic that is sure to come up is the selling off of SLGA liquor stores. The government recently sold 35 liquor permits, netting $45 million. Here in Moose Jaw, the liquor permit was auctioned off for $1.3 million. 

The Saskatchewan Party will also be heading into this session down two seats. Recently, Lumsden-Morse MLA Lyle Stewart announced he was resigning effective Friday due to health reasons. 

Moose Jaw North MLA Tim McLeod said he worked closely with Stewart during the tenure. 

“He and I actually share office space in Moose Jaw North, and I have had the benefit of learning from him and working together with him for the short period of time that I've been in MLA, but he has been just an incredible mentor and friend and he's going to be sorely missed,” McLeod said. 

Lawrence added that when he was first elected in 2011, he was partnered with Stewart as a mentor and also learned a lot from him. 

Regina-Coronation Park MLA Mark Doherty announced he was stepping down in early February. Byelection dates are expected to be announced shortly.