The Government of Saskatchewan announced on October 23rd that schools and emergency shelters in the province are set to receive more than three million menstrual products to freely distribute. 

The government has partnered with Shopper's Foundation for Women's Health TM, with the aim of decreasing financial barriers to access of the products.  

A survey of Canadian women conducted in April 2023 by Plan International Canada showed that of menstruating women, one in four had to make a choice in the last year between buying essentials like rent or food and buying period products. 82 per cent said that the products were costly. 

Prairie South School Division will receive shipments, and while they have not yet received them, they do have an idea of what they will be getting. All schools in the division will receive the menstrual products, allocated according to the school’s predetermined needs and population. 

“It’s going to be discrete, and it will be open to all students,” said Derrick Huschi, Superintendent of School Operations with Prairie South School Division. “If they want the products, it will be readily available to them.” 

Holy Trinity Catholic School Division Director of Education, Ward Strueby, sent a letter to parents and guardians, saying that they expect "to receive the first shipment of products in the coming weeks."

They add that they will aim to have easy access to the products to those students with most need. 

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