Each month the local Diabetes Support Group hosts a meeting, which also fell on World Diabetes Day last Monday. 

They have a goal of raising awareness and sharing tips for prevention and hope to provide more information regarding care for those with the condition. 

"We interact with each other, we have had various focus points during the year, but the main thing is that we get together," explained Fred Matheson, who runs the support group. 

With the idea of the monthly meetings having a laid back feeling, Matheson noted it's a great place to connect and share encouragement with others who are in the same situation. 

"A person with diabetes spoke about what they do for exercise, it wasn't someone preaching or telling you what you should do," said Diane Rhodes, who also helps run the meetings. 

Rhodes added that they feel it's important for attendees to hear from peers as oppose to medical professionals, which she feels may stick better with someone with diabetes. 

The Diabetes Support Group held their monthly meeting in November on Monday evening, which is nationally recognized as World Diabetes Day.