Moose Jaw – Lake Centre – Lanigan MP Fraser Tolmie is voicing his disappointment in the federal government’s 2022 Fall Economic Statement. 

Tolmie said the statement simply reiterates announcements that were already made during the budget and does nothing to help Canadians. 

“When you look at the carbon tax and the inflation, whether you're in the grocery store or at the gas pump, this government is pressing on full steam ahead with a plan that, for me, makes no sense,” he said. 

Some of the initiatives that were announced during the economic statement included the doubling of the GST credit for the next six months which began on Nov. 4. 

According to the federal government, doubling GST credits would mean up to an extra $234 for single Canadians with no children and up to $467 for couples with two children. 

The Canada Dental Benefit was announced. Parents and guardians of children under 12 years of age without dental coverage and an annual family income under $90,000 per year will be eligible for up to $650 per year for the next two years for dental coverage for their child. 

The federal government added that the Canada Housing Benefit will get a top up. The program, which began in 2020, will be topped up by $500. The federal benefit is available for applicants with a net income below $35,000 per year for families or $20,000 for single Canadians who pay 30 per cent of their income for rent. 

Although it is awaiting royal assent, the federal government is also looking to eliminate interest on student loans. 

Tolmie said these measures don’t go far enough to help struggling Canadians and to throw money at it will not solve the problem. 

“What this government is saying is, oh, well, we'll just give you money whether it's GST rebates as an example, and then when you're in the hole now you're getting a cheque from the government, but you're already paying interest on the debt that you've accumulated,” he said. 

Tolmie said, in his opinion, the federal government needs to start by scrapping the Carbon Tax. He said it has been ineffective in reaching emission goals while making bills such as power and natural gas unaffordable.