A man accused of attempted murder fired his lawyer during Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Tuesday. 

Ryan Milne, 41, appeared via video from remand. Legal Aid lawyer Merv Shaw asked Judge David Chow for leave to withdraw, saying Milne wanted a court-appointed lawyer. 

Milne told the court he asked for disclosure three weeks ago and was only “getting excuses.” He asked if he could get a Muirhead Order to get disclosure right away. A Muirhead Order is a clause that the Crown gives the accused disclosure with the agreement that none of the information is leaked to the public. 

Chow explained to Milne that a Muirhead Order is not usually issued if the accused is seeking legal counsel as the Crown will give disclosure directly to the defence counsel. 

He also explained to Milne the process of getting court-appointed counsel, including getting a letter from Legal Aid saying they will not represent him and proof to satisfy a judge that he does not have the means to hire a private lawyer. 

Milne told the court he would be fine staying with Legal Aid but didn’t want Shaw to represent him. Chow asked Shaw if there was any chance Legal Aid would find him a new lawyer. Shaw replied that he would have to check with head office. 

The file was adjourned to July 16 to give Milne time to fill out the court-appointed counsel application and to see if Legal Aid would appoint him another lawyer.