A  man was sentenced to six months behind bars for a series of domestic violence incidents as well as undertaking breaches during Moose Jaw Provincial Court this past week.

Dustin Pratt spent 80 actual days in custody prior to sentencing and received enhanced credit for 141 days, meaning he still had 39 days left to serve. He will also serve 12 months of probation following his jail sentence.

Pratt pleaded guilty 16 charges as part of a joint submission between his lawyer Eric Lanoie and Provincial Crown Prosecutor Rob Parker. The charges include assault, assault with a weapon, breach of undertakings, failing to attend court, failing to stop for a police officer, resisting a police officer, theft and willfully damaging property.

In his submission, Parker said police received a call from the victim saying her boyfriend assaulted her on Jan. 31. Police noted the victim had a swollen face and swelling on her arms. However, the victim was not cooperative with police but charges were laid on reasonable and probable grounds.

Pratt was then charged with assault with a weapon when he had a confrontation with the same victim inside a vehicle in which she was punched in the face. She escaped the vehicle through the passenger door but Pratt put the vehicle in reverse and struck her with the open passenger door. At the time, Pratt was also on a no-contact order. Once again, Parker said the victim was not cooperative with police.

In March, SaskEnergy found that a residence that belonged to Pratt in Rouleau was consuming natural gas although the gas line was disconnected due to non-payment. When SaskEnergy crews arrived at the residence, they found that the anti-theft lock was removed and the gas was turned back on.

On March 14, Milestone RCMP received an alert for a tampered monitoring device. Officers attended the residence and Pratt's brother Dallas said he took off the monitoring device and left the house.

Fourteen days later, the Regina Police Service attended a residence at the corner of Elphinstone Street and Eighth Avenue. Police located the same victim from the previous incidents with a bruised left eye. Parker said once again she was not cooperative with police because of what happened.

On March 29, Moose Jaw police attempted to stop a suspended driver heading southbound on Ninth Avenue. The driver sped away from police and the chase was called off for the public's safety.

Parker said on March 31 Regina police attempted a traffic stop on a vehicle. The vehicle did not stop and the chase was discontinued for the public's safety. The vehicle, which was registered to Pratt Farms, was later found abandoned in front of a residence. Police entered the residence and Pratt fled of foot before slipping on ice on the sidewalk. At this time, Pratt was also on a 24-hour curfew.

Parker told the court that six months was on the lower end of the range, giving Pratt significant credit for taking responsibility for charges where there was an uncooperative victim and identification issues.

"Probably, the Crown would have had significant difficulties getting a conviction," Parker said.

Parker also said Pratt had no prior record up to this point.

Lanoie told the court that many of the incidents with Pratt was fueled by alcohol use and "falling into a bad crowd." Lanoie said is client took full responsibility and wanted to resume being a productive member of society again with a release plan to work on the family farm with his father and brother.

Judge David Chow agreed to follow the joint submission. Chow agreed with Parker with it was in the lower range but he took into consideration the strength of the Crown's case and the victim being uncooperative with police as huge factors.

Chow also took into consideration that Pratt had no prior record. However, Chow raised concerns about Pratt's alcohol abuse. He said, in his experience, when actions like Pratt's take place due to substance abuse it is more serious than just alcohol.

The conditions of Pratt's probation include keeping the peace and being a good behavior, reside at a residence approved by a probation officer, notify the probation officer for any change of address or employment, no contact with the victim, participate in programming for addictions including any treatment and attend domestic violence programming.