A 46-year-old man received a 40-month sentence, minus time already served, for aggravated assault in Moose Jaw Provincial Court on Wednesday. 

Michael Haduik entered a guilty plea in a joint submission between the Crown and defence prosecutors and agreed upon by Judge Brian Hendrickson. 

According to the Crown, on June 5, 2022, Haduik was living with this romantic partner in a motorhome near Maple Street. On the day, both were using Crystal Meth and arguing when Haduik struck his partner in the head with an axe in a domestic dispute. 

Hadiuk went to a nearby residence to call the police and he led officers to his injured partner. The injuries sustained by the victim did result in hospitalization. 

The defence noted that Hadiuk made an early guilty plea before a preliminary hearing and he immediately called the police, led them to the victim and fully cooperated with police. 

The defence said Hadiuk struggles with addiction. He had attended detox and recovered for a short period of time but relapsed when he got into a relationship with the victim.

The Crown did produce Hadiuk’s lengthy criminal record that included 72 offences over 32 years. 

Hendrickson noted that, along with the lengthy record, wounding someone and assaulting a domestic partner were aggravating factors. 

Hadiuk had been in custody for 340 days pre-sentencing. He was credited with 510 days and will serve out the remaining 690 days of the 40-month sentence. Hadiuk was not given a probation order but was ordered to give a DNA sample and received a lifetime weapons ban.