Over 40 local girls took part in a three-day camp put on by Mental Health and Addiction Services. 

The program was a partnership with Tuxedo Courts in Regina and their Power Camp program. 

Over the three days, the girls learned leadership skills with arts and sports, while opening up the conservation about mental illness. 

“When I first started in the field, people really didn't talk about mental health and I think now we have an opportunity to prepare kids with the tools that they need to better manage in a stressful world,” said Colette Beaubien of Mental Health and Addiction Services. 

Beaubien added that the camp wasn’t necessarily for those struggling with mental illness, but gives the girls the tools to prevent mental illness. 

“What we don't have a lot of opportunity to do at mental health and addictions is to work with young people who aren't ill. But we have an opportunity pre-illness to build resilience in kids,” she said. 

Beaubien said this was the first year that the camp was held. She received positive feedback and hopes Mental Health and Addiction Services can host more camps in the future.