With just a week left until the close for nominations for the by-election here in Moose Jaw, another candidate has hit the campaign trail. Mike Bachiu wants your vote as he tries to make the jump from standing committees and advisory committees, to becoming a policymaker.

"I sort of got a little frustrated with the lack of momentum that we see sometimes and I put forth recommendations but things take time," said Bachiu. "While I'm sure the volunteer boards do have a lot of say as far as providing some direction, but sometimes you need some clout to give that kick in the pants and so I'm hoping to be able to do that."

Bachiu believes the transit system in Moose Jaw needs a major overhaul. He sees buses running with next to no one on them for most of the day and yet the paratransit system is at capacity. He also wants to find a way to attract more industry to the area or at least find out why new investment has been slow coming.

Bachiu is also pledging to be a voice of the people if elected. "I don't want to be your voice, I want to be your microphone."

"I want people to tell me what they are hoping to see change and I want to share those ideas with council to let the common person know that they do have that voice."

We vote for one councillor October 17th with the close for nomination set for September 12th.