Starting today, the Ministry of Highways will be holding another virtual open house looking for residents’ feedback on the Highway 1 corridor. 

The ministry is currently doing a study on how to make intersections along Highway 1 in Moose Jaw safer. 

In particular, the study looks at the intersections at 32nd Avenue North West, Ninth Avenue North West, Highway 2 North and Thatcher Drive. 

Back in February, the ministry held an initial virtual open house to present residents with proposed changes to those intersections. 

“We took that public feedback back. We’ve continued to work with our consultants. We did meet with the city and some of the business community earlier this summer just to present the findings from that virtual open house,” said Minister of Highways Jeremy Cockrill. 

The Highway 1 corridor has been much anticipated in Moose Jaw on a couple of fronts. 

The intersection of Ninth Avenue North West has been a high-collision area. According to SGI statistics, there have been 37 collisions at that intersection that resulted in 30 injuries but no deaths since 2010. 

The other concern is the Highway 2 overpass that has been hit multiple times by over-height semi-trucks. 

SGI statistics say from 2016 to 2022 inclusive there have been 10 collisions “with a bridge structure” at that intersection. Of those 10 collisions, nine were reported from semi-trucks and one was a heavy truck. However, the statistics did not specify if the vehicles hit the top or the side of the bridge. 

Cockrill said the Highway 2 and Highway 1 interchange is one of the first priorities. 

“We’re really looking at construction getting underway in 2025 for lifting the overpass,” he said. 

This second virtual open house will now present the preferred options and how they should be implemented. 

“Now we have suggested options for all of those intersections and want to start working on delivering those options. We know that these aren’t done overnight, they’re not done in a week or a month. It takes time to make major changes to intersections,” Cockrill said. 

You can take part in the virtual open house here

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