As the conflict continues in Ukraine, the Moose Jaw community has come together to help those in need in the war-torn country.  

On April 29, Moose Jaw’s Rotary Club’s held a fundraising supper with all the proceeds going towards helping Ukrainian refugees.  

Fast forward to now, the Rotary Club has the results of their fundraising efforts.  

“We raised over $12,000, which was then forwarded to a Polish Rotary Club that we identified that was organizing support for humanitarian aid for Ukrainian refugees,” says Glenn Hagel a Rotary Club member, and fundraiser spokesperson. “The money was sent to them and the end result was the purchase in Poland of eight tons of canned food that can be used for humanitarian aid.” 

Moose Jaw’s generosity helped pay for two-thirds of the food that was purchased in Poland. The remaining amount was topped up by Rotary Clubs in Sylvan Lake, Atla., France, and Zamosc Ordynacki.  

“This means a ton. The motto of Rotary is 'Service Above Self'. The Rotarians locally who have been involved in the organization of it are supported by the goodwill and the charitable intentions of the Moose Jaw people. It means we’re helping in a small way to make a difference in a very important way by helping desperate hungry people have some food in order to get through their day.” 

The food has now been sent by the Rotary Club of Zamosc Ordynacki in Poland, to a club in Kiev, Ukraine. After the goods are received, they will be dispersed to over 10 cities, towns, and villages, which were or are currently under occupation. 

The donated food will help people and children in need, who are homeless, or disabled. Some will go towards helping a children’s hospital.  

Both Moose Jaw Rotary Clubs wanted to express their sincere thanks to the generous people and businesses of Moose Jaw who supported the fundraising supper and added donations along the way.  

Ukraine Food 1 Sept 21.jpg Pallets of canned food that will be headed to Kiev, Ukraine to assist in humanitarian aid. (Photo courtesy of Glenn Hagel)