The Moose Jaw Police Service and the Moose Jaw Board of Police Commissioners are working towards building a new strategic business plan. 

The item came up as an in-camera (closed to the public) police board meeting on June 9 to put out a Request for Proposals for a consultant to lead the process.  

“It's always important to have somebody who's not intimately involved, to have somebody who's experienced in strategic plans and can lead discussions around strategic plans,” said police chief Rick Bourassa, explaining why they are hiring a consultant to do the work. 

The board agreed the item was more appropriate in the public portion of the July 12 board meeting. Chief Rick Bourassa noted that it was originally in-camera as the board erred on the side of caution to not influence the Request for Proposals process. 

All municipal police service boards of commissioners are required to have a strategic business plan as outlined by the Saskatchewan Board of Police Commissioners. 

“What we'd be looking at is the environmental scan and community consultation pieces, and then the actual development of the plan with the board, with all the input from their partners,” Bourassa said, explaining what will be in the plan. 

“Now we have done a community survey. The University of Regina did that with us a couple of years ago, just before COVID. So, a lot of the consultation has already happened.” 

The deadline for submissions for the Request of Proposals is Aug. 4. The next step after that would be for the board to meet to award the contract.