Below you'll find MLA Tim McLeod's Report from the Legislature for July 4, 2024. 

The views expressed below are solely the opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official stance of Golden West.



Saskatchewan’s population has reached another all-time high, topping 1,230,000 for the first time ever. According to new Statistics Canada population numbers, our province has grown by 5,550 over the past quarter and by 30,503 people over the past year.

A growing population helps to fuel our strong and growing economy. Saskatchewan led the nation for month-over-month growth in retail trade with an 8.5 per cent increase from March to April 2024, totaling $2.2 billion. The province also saw significant year-over-year growth with a 5.6 per cent increase over April 2023. This significant economic growth is creating more jobs and opportunities for the people of our province. 

Growth across our economy continues to encourage companies to invest here in Saskatchewan. Construction has now begun on the Louis Dreyfus Company’s pea protein isolate production plant in Yorkton. The new plant is expected to be operational by the end of 2025 and employ approximately 60 people once completed. 

As private companies continue to make capital investments in Saskatchewan, our government continues to invest in key infrastructure for our people. The new Breast Health Centre in Regina is now one step closer to being a reality, as the demolition phase of construction begins at the site. To support this major enhancement to patient health, our government is investing $3.6 million this year for the centre’s renovations, staffing and diagnostic equipment. 

To further strengthen access to health care services in Regina, the Urgent Care Centre is officially complete and open to the public. Located at 1320 Albert Street, this facility will function as an alternative to emergency departments for minor illnesses, injuries, and mental health and addiction supports that are non-life-threatening but require treatment before the following day. 

Investments like these are only possible due to the strength of Saskatchewan’s economy, led by key sectors like mining, agriculture, and oil and gas. While our government remains committed to protecting these sectors, the federal government continues to attack key economic sectors here in Saskatchewan. 

The Saskatchewan Economic Impact Assessment Tribunal recently released its report on the federal Clean Electricity Regulations (CER), and our government announced Saskatchewan will not be complying with these regulations when they come into effect. 

Under the CER, Saskatchewan’s economic growth would be at least $7.1 billion lower, the province would lose at least 4,200 jobs, and there would be an $8.1 billion negative effect on Saskatchewan’s export sector. 

The report offers irrefutable, independent evidence that these federal regulations will have a significant impact on the cost of electricity in Saskatchewan, as well as our economy and our way of life. Saskatchewan cannot participate in federal economic harm to our province. 

Unfortunately, the CER is not the only federal attack on Saskatchewan’s oil and gas sector right now. Under Bill C-59, the Trudeau-NDP coalition has launched a censorship campaign against energy companies – the very companies that power nearly everything in our daily lives. 

Bill C-59 sends the wrong message. We should be proud of Canada’s industries and all they do for the environment, sustainability, and energy security, and not be silenced by a federal gag order preventing anyone from sharing that story with the world. 

We are currently considering all options to fight back against Bill C-59, including under the Saskatchewan First Act. Our government remains committed to telling the world our story on a strong, sustainable Saskatchewan. 

As we continue this work to continue building and protecting a strong Saskatchewan, I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to reach out to my office.