A local tattoo enthusiast is competing to be featured in Inked Magazine. 

Jacqueline Henderson learned about the Inked Originals contest through Facebook and decided to enter. 

The contest is looking for someone with the most body art to be featured in their magazine as well as winning $20,000. 

Henderson currently sits in first place in her group with voting ending for this round at 8 p.m. tonight. She needs to finish in the top-15 to move on to the next round of voting. 

She talked about her reaction when she found out she was sitting in first place. 

“(I was) excited I guess. I didn’t really expect that. I keep dropping from first to second every once in a while, so it seems to be a tight race here between me and the girl in second,” Henderson said. 

When it comes to tattoos, Henderson said getting ink done is an addiction. 

“I started out with one and now I guess I only have six but the one is a rather large one. I think I have about 35 hours in the chair,” she said. 

Her tattoos include a large Phoenix on her side and a watercolour Super Mario on her thigh with the saying “There is always room to grow and you can always try again.” 

She has her children’s handprints on one of her arms. On the other arm, she has a butterfly in John Deere colours for her grandpa and stars to represent his grandchildren. 

Other tattoos she has include tattoos for her pets and a palm tree on her calf. 

You can vote for Henderson here. You can vote once per day for free. 

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