As the heat went up in Saskatchewan yesterday, more weather records fell with 15 different communities setting new high-temperature marks.

The provincial hot spot was Val Marie topping out at 37.9 degrees, which also made it the Canadian Hot spot.

In Moose Jaw we reached 36.5 degrees, breaking the previous record.

Environment Canada Regional Meteorologist, Terri Lang.

"We have a big ridge of high pressure that has moved over much of western Canada including most parts of Saskatchewan. What kicked us into the heat warning criteria in southern Saskatchewan is those overnight lows, which are staying quite warm."

Lang goes on to say when it gets this hot out, you need to take some extra steps at night to help your body recover.

"Air conditioning is the best thing to have but of course not all of us have air conditioning. So sleeping on a lower floor could work, because the way physics is is that cold air sinks. So get to the lowest level if you can, because that will be cooler."

The warm weather doesn't appear to be going anywhere either, with the next four days all call for temperatures above, or near the 30-degree mark.

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