Heading into this weekend motorists will get some much-needed relief at the pumps, as at least one service station in Moose Jaw on Friday dropped their price by 10 cents down to 189.9 cents per litre. 

As of the time of publishing, all remaining stations in town have their price of gasoline listed at 199.9, which it has been for over a week. 

Last week, Discover Moose Jaw spoke with GasBuddy Petreloum Analyst, Patrick DeHaan and he said he was forecasting prices continuing to inch down in the coming weeks.

“We could see prices continuing to drop across Saskatchewan and Moose Jaw as well, it wouldn’t surprise me if in the next week or two we could see a decrease of another five to ten cents per litre.” Oil prices plummeted to start the week, with oil falling under $100/barrel for the first time in months.”

As of Friday, according to GasBuddy data, the average price of gas in Moose Jaw is 199.9 cents per litre, while the province's average is much lower at 190.0.