The Moose Jaw Crystal Meth Strategy Committee (MJCMSC) has released that their focus for October is breaking the stigma around people with a crystal meth addiction.

The committee wants to help people become aware that a crystal meth addiction is a medical disorder and should be approached with compassion.

Committee Coordinator Mary Lee Booth says, " Crystal meth substance abuse disorder is a brain disorder and crystal meth really does change the brain and it makes people think differently and do things differently that they normally wouldn't do."

1 out of 10 people experience substance abuse today, 8 out of 10 Canadians with a substance use disorder say they experienced barriers to recovery, including stigma.

Stigma is when a person has a negative attitude and/or perception towards someone who is suffering from addiction.

There are 3 types of stigma.

Self-stigma is when a person internalizes the hatred or bullying received as an addict, which results in low self esteem or having shameful feelings.

This can make someone hesitant to get help because they don't want to be judged or criticized.

Social stigma is negative beliefs and attitudes from society.

This includes family member and friends, they can either have their own negative view or even receive negative views for being involved with someone who is addicted.

Structural stigma is when organizations, health centers, social services unintentionally create barriers for that person to seek help by placing judgement on them.

To achieve the goal of breaking addiction stigma, the MJCMSC is offering presentations to parents looking to have conversations with their teenagers on drug use and how to prevent it.

Also, presentations tailored for family members wanting to help someone fighting addiction.

Not only are they offering virtual presentations but schools and business also have to option of booking a live presentation with Meagan Jasper, who is a recovered addict of 4 years with an inspiring story.

There's no cost to the presentations, to book any of them people can reach out to Mary Lee Booth at or call 3066302056.

The MJCMSC is also filming a new documentary in October that will be released during addictions awareness week in November.