Hockey Canada has come under fire recently after revelations of sexual misconduct by members of national junior hockey teams. 

The leadership group of Hockey Canada has been under investigation by the Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage in Ottawa. 

Discover Moose Jaw reached out to Moose Jaw – Lake Centre – Lanigan MP Fraser Tolmie to get his thoughts on the proceedings. We received the following written statement: 

“Watching the committee hearings regarding the Hockey Canada scandal, it is clear Sports Canada, the government agency who partially funds Hockey Canada, also neglected their duty to protect and fight for victims of abuse.  

We need transparency, so that abuse is identified and stopped as soon as possible, and we need greater accountability for all organizations who fail to uphold a zero-tolerance policy towards sexual abuse and harassment.  

We know that Hockey Canada is not the only sporting organization accused of systemic abuse and cover-ups. It is Sport Canada’s duty to dramatically raise their own organizational standards and incident reporting procedures, and work with sports organizations of all types to ensure all Canadian athletes can pursue excellence in their sport without fear of harassment and abuse.” 

Back in May, Hockey Canada reached a settlement with a woman who claimed members of the 2018 Canadian world junior team sexually assaulted her in London, Ont. 

There have also been allegations of sexual misconduct by members of the junior national team at the 2003 World Junior Hockey Championship in Halifax. 

During the investigation by the standing committee, it came out that $7.6 million was used from Hockey Canada’s National Equity Fund for sexual abuse settlements, the majority of which stemmed from Graham James, the former junior hockey head coach who was convicted of sexually assaulting players. 

Hockey Canada’s National Equity Fund was put together to cover the organization for liabilities not covered through Hockey Canada’s Insurance. The Fund is partially funded by minor hockey registration fees. 

Since the revelations, Sport Canada has frozen funding the Hockey Canada, sponsors have dropped out and multiple MPs have called for Hockey Canada’s senior leadership group and the board of directors to resign.