Moose Jaw residents may have noticed that the city is a little cleaner.  

That’s because on Sunday the city hosted its annual Community Clean Up event where residents, businesses, community organizations, and city officials took about three hours to pick up the litter around Moose Jaw.  

One of the over 70 community members that helped clean up was City of Moose Jaw Mayor, Clive Tolley.  

“The community responded tremendously,” says Tolley. “A lot of people were out there and enjoyed the event, I think. You could see great joy in the people that were attending the barbecue down at the Moose Jaw Co-op parking lot because they accomplished something. They worked together to clean up the city and I think they felt good about that.” 

In total, Tolley says that over 300 bags of garbage were taken to the city’s landfill, weighing a whopping two tonnes.  

Tolley explains that from what he saw everyone wanted to jump in and help clean up the community.  

“I had some recent Afro-Canadian immigrants come by and I explained what it was about, and they jumped in and helped out. It was great to see people pull together, both the people that have been in the community a long time, plus some of our new residents.” 

With two tonnes of garbage collected from around the city, Tolley is hoping this is enough for people not to litter.  

“We’re a city that prides itself on tourism, and tourists don’t want to see a mess, and neither do we as citizens of the City of Moose Jaw. Let’s be cognisant of not throwing garbage out and when we see something on the street, pick it up and put it in the garbage container,” adds Tolley.  

Sunday’s event was put on by the city’s Community Clean-Up Committee and was capped off with a “thank you” barbeque hosted by the Moose Jaw Co-op.