Moose Jaw Police Chief Rick Bourassa will be staying on the job until at least the end of 2026.

The Moose Jaw Board of Police Commissioners announced the contract extension on Tuesday.

"This is a police chief who is really visible out there in the community," said Chair Mary Lee Booth. "He has formed relationships and partnerships with organizations and individuals in the community. That builds public trust and confidence."

Booth says Bourassa will be key in implementing the police service's strategic plan.

Bourassa's current contract was set to expire at the end of September 2023. He's been chief of police in Moose Jaw since October 1, 2013 and has received two five-year contracts since then.

"It's a bit humbling, I'm certainly honoured," commented Bourassa. "I have enjoyed my time here thoroughly. I can't believe 10 years has passed so quickly. It's been busy. There have been moments that haven't been as enjoyable. It's a community that is just a great community to work in and police in and be connected in."

While financial details were not released, Bourassa did confirm that the contract extension comes with a small pay increase. Booth says the salary is fairer than what it was but still falls below chiefs' salaries in Regina, Saskatoon and Prince Albert.