Discover Moose Jaw reporter Ryan Vincent is currently in the midst of the storm system slamming California.

The storm has brought heavy rain, strong winds, and concerns of flash flooding and mudslides, prompting California's governor to proclaim a state-wide emergency on Wednesday.

Northern California has been hardest hit by the storms, which have also led to power outages across the state. Multiple fatalities have been attributed to the adverse weather, which has been hitting the state since New Year's Eve.

Vincent is visiting the Los Angeles area and spoke to us Thursday afternoon from his hotel in Orange County.

"Everyone here's kind of had time to prepare for it, but the magnitude of the storm, I don't think anyone really knew how bad it was really going to be. You can step outside and shampoo your hair, there was that much rain," he remarked.

Ryan VincentDiscover Moose Jaw Reporter Ryan Vincent

Vincent said, when talking with local residents, they usually enjoy much warmer weather and are not accustomed to the heavy rainfall that's been pounding the region.

"They knew the storm was going to come but they didn't know that it was going to be this bad. Everyone is kind of a little frantic right now because no one can really leave the hotel. You can't really go outside, unless you want to get soaked. I don't even think a poncho would do you good."

Heavy rain has led to several accidents and traffic collisions in Los Angeles. Downed trees and small rock slides were also reported. In Orange County, flooding closed down a portion of the Pacific Coast Highway Thursday morning. High surf advisories and warnings were also in effect for much of the central and southwestern coasts, with the potential of waves reaching up to 22 feet at some locations.

The menacing weather is expected to continue over the next week.

Vincent is scheduled to return to Moose Jaw on Sunday.