The snow, strong winds, and the less-than-ideal temperatures that hit Moose Jaw on Saturday night are expected to continue this week, according to Environment Canada.  

Environment Canada Meteorologist, Shannon Moodie says a storm system hailing from the Pacific Northwest has its sights set on not only Moose Jaw but most of Saskatchewan.  

“It will be pushing snow through Saskatchewan. We’re looking at most of Saskatchewan is going to see 5 to 10 centimetres. Today and tonight will be the heaviest snow and through Tuesday some light snow will be lingering.” 

Moodie adds today and tonight’s snowfall will come down in large quantities, which will cause reduced visibility at times for motorists on area highways.  

The bulk of the storm will hit the southern and west central parts of the province, with 10 to 15 cm of snow possible. Moodie explains those snowfall amounts could hit Moose Jaw.  

“Moose Jaw is on the edge of where the heavier snow is, so the system is still developing so there could be a chance that Moose Jaw may be added to the Snowfall Warning later today, but again we have to see how this system is shaping up.” 

On Monday morning, Snowfall Warnings were issued in the southwestern and west-central parts of the province.  

If the unwelcoming snow wasn’t enough, be prepared to wear a lot of layers, as accompanying this storm will be very cold temperatures.  

“We will see temperatures drop quite significantly and we’re looking at lows of around –20. For example, on Thursday night Moose Jaw has a low of –24, so we are looking at things to cool off after these systems roll through.” 

Monday is only expected to get to a high of –6 degrees, with the wind chill bringing it down to –14. Monday night's low is –10, with a wind chill of -15 overnight.  

To make matters worse, right on the heels of Monday’s storm is a low-pressure system that is making its way up from the United States, but won’t pack as much of a punch.  

“It’s just going to be some light snow that’s going to move through on Wednesday. We’re really looking at the heavier amounts for today and tonight and gusty winds as well.” 

On Saturday the first of three systems rolled through bringing with it strong winds gusts, and blowing snow, that caused slippery and icy conditions on area highways.  

All the area highways around Moose Jaw were closed on Sunday morning due to very treacherous driving conditions, but later re-opened in the afternoon.  

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