On Thursday night, a fire broke out at the strip mall in the 300 block of Thatcher Drive East.  

The building, which included Dollar Tree and Bulk Barn was engulfed in flames in a matter of minutes.  

Michael Biggar’s 66-year-old grandmother was actually working at the Dollar Tree when the fire broke out on Thursday night and retold her point of view of what happened.  

“My nana went into the break room and saw nothing in the back corner where the fire possibly started. My nana used the microwave to heat up her food, after she sat down and started eating, her boss came in and told her that there was a fire, and we had to evacuate. My nana took a breath of fresh air and evacuated the building. There were six people in the dollar store.” 

Biggar was in shock when he found out that the Dollar Tree was on fire, knowing that his grandmother was working.  

“I was at home with my grandfather, and we had to get up there and make sure she was alive. My entire family and I were in complete shock.” 

He adds that she was not injured while racing out of the building but is suffering from mental trauma.  

Biggar concluded by saying that he and his grandmother will be meeting with Dollar Tree on Friday to go over the events that took place.  

As of Friday morning, there is no word on how the fire started or if there were any injuries.