The fall sitting of the Saskatchewan Legislature is set to end December 3rd but that could all change if Saskatchewan New Democrats get their way. The NDP is looking to extend that date another two weeks.

The Opposition would like the province to extend the sitting so recent changes to the budget could be further examined and discussed. Specifically, the want to debate the $1 billion deficit that was announced earlier this month.

Instead, Premier Brad Wall has a different proposal. "Rather than eight more days of sitting in the Legislature, which would actually cost taxpayers more money... we're saying lets work until midnight every day for the next two weeks until the originally scheduled end of the session. We're more than happy to extend the hours and have two different committees of the Legislature working so you actually have 54 more hours of debate."

Despite the offer, the NDP say this type of extension will do nothing to help.  Moose Jaw Wakamow NDP MLA Deb Higgins. "It doesn't give you an awful lot of time to do research that needs to be done and the prep work that you need to do when you go in to ask questions on the budget and the spending and where the dollars are being allocated."