Six new cameras are running or being installed throughout the province to give motorists and the provincial Highway Hotline a real-time view of conditions.

The six new cameras, bring the total number of static cameras deployed across the province to 50, according to a release from the Ministry of Highways.  

"Our government continues to enhance the Highway Hotline's service to ensure motorists have more ways to plan their journey and make an informed decision," Highways Minister Lori Carr said. 

The other four new cameras are located on: 

  • Highway 14 near Macklin; 

  • Highway 16 near Sheho; 

  • Highway 40 near Blaine Lake; and 

  • Highway 55 near Smeaton. 

The government release notes that the network of camera locations can be seen online at or on the Highway Hotline mobile app. Images are refreshed approximately every five minutes and provide Highway Hotline staff with regular updates on highway conditions.   

The first four cameras were integrated into the Highway Hotline system in 2011. It included one along Highway 2 near Weyakwin between La Ronge and Prince Albert; two along Highway 11 between Saskatoon and Regina with one south of Dundurn (Blackstrap) and another at Davidson; and one along Highway 3 near Paradise Hill northeast of Lloydminster.