Earlier this week, the Government of Saskatchewan passed Bill 139 The Saskatchewan Remembrance Observance Act as a way to ensure that employees are able to wear a poppy recognized by the Royal Canadian Legion in the workplace if they choose, unless it poses a danger to health, safety or welfare of the worker or others.

"I think this is an important piece of legislation to demonstrate the government's commitment to honouring veterans and the sacrifices that they've made so that we can continue to enjoy freedom and peace," said Moose Jaw North MLA Tim McLeod. "This is something that I personally think is important. It's a small window of time in the year for us to honour our veterans and the significant contribution and sacrifice that they've made so that we can enjoy our lives all year round and this is a piece of legislation that will ensure that provincially regulated workers have the opportunity to wear a poppy to recognize the sacrifice that our veterans have made for us."

The legislation, which is now in effect, provides all provincially regulated workers with the right to wear a poppy in the workplace from November 1 to 11 annually. This includes Indigenous Veteran’s Day on November 8.

"The commitment and the sacrifice that our veterans have made is something that we can never minimize, never take it for granted," added McLeod. "This is absolutely something that I believe very strongly that people should do to show our commitment to the past and the current veterans and pay tribute to the memory of those that we've lost in conflict."

Federally regulated entities such as banks, telecommunications and interprovincial transportation are not covered under the legislation.

Ontario and Manitoba have also enacted similar legislation.

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