A new private school will be opening up in Moose Jaw this September. 

Roots School, which will have about 20 students and three teachers, was approved by city council on Monday for a discretionary use application to use the building at 303 Coteau St. W. 

The school has been registered with the Ministry of Education, and the students would learn through hands-on projects and nature-based learning with a focus on the student’s mental health. The students would range from Pre-K to Grade 8 

“This model of education has been requested by families in Moose Jaw and we believe that this could really help Moose Jaw be one of the leading communities in terms of innovative and enriching educational opportunities,” said Roots School founder and director Amy Cojocar. 

The building, known as The Village, would have the school and early learning centre in the basement with a separate entrance. Meanwhile, upstairs would be six office spaces. 

“The potential renters would be a psychologist, a speech pathologist, natural path acupuncturists, an herbalist, and potentially some others,” Cojocar told city council. 

Building with a white sign in frontRoots School's "The Village" will be located at 303 Coteau St. W.

The upstairs would also include a co-working space and a community space. 

Cojocar added that there will be ample parking space as there will be a large parking lot at the back of the building and parking along the side and front. 

The application would only allow for a maximum enrolment of 27 students. However, Director of Planning and Development Michelle Sanson said Roots School has options if they outgrow that. 

“They can find parking off-site, so within 230 meters, as long as it's registered on both properties, they can use those parking spaces or they can appeal to our development appeals board as well,” Sanson explained. 

Any additional costs such as traffic signage will also be borne by Roots Schools.